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Shoji Screen and Panel Walls

The application of Botanical Impressions onto custom furniture is an excellent application of bringing nature indoors. Below are two examples of this. The first a folding shoji screen, the second a curtain panel.

Folding Screen Panel Curtains Ferns

Shoji Screen by: Tim Ewart Designs.
West Coast Shoji


As you may have noticed in the gallery section, I have a large selection of prints. You'll find variety of size and Botanicals to choose from.

Hydrangea fern medley

Product Ideas

Decorative Glass, Walls, Windows, Glass Table Top

On the products below, botanical designs have been printed on glass (opaque or translucent) or printed on a vinyl film and applied to the glass. This application can be used on windows, doors, glass elevators, shower enclosures, or as room dividers.

Which home decor piece would you like botanical impressions printed on?

Decorative Glass, Walls, Windows, Glass Table Top Decorative Glass, Walls, Windows, Glass Table Top


By adding beautiful botanical impressions you can add new life to furniture and much more.

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Inspired by Nature

By adding unique botanicals to your home decor you bring nature that much closer.